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Reigate Business Guild are proud to support local business and are intent on improving the quality of the town centre for businesses, visitors and local residents.

Since the lockdown we have seen the town with new eyes and are continually listening to and learning from all points of view to ensure that we help promote and improve the quality of Reigate Town Centre. Our Town Improvement page is a place for everyone to contribute towards these aims.

We are working with the County Council, Borough Council and local stakeholders to improve Reigate Town Centre now and for future generations. We want to hear your views and find out ways to improve the town further. Reigate & Banstead Borough Council have also asked us to take part in their own Town Improvement Fund Audit which will look at ways their funding can be put to good use around the town. To aid the debate and provide an opportunity for you to share your views we have created a simple online form below that can be used to send us thoughts on the town as it stands now and ways in which we can improve. We want to find inspiration in your ideas and help to make them a reality, whether this involves more litter picks, cleaning road signs, painting the ironwork in the town centre, improving ways to aid social distancing, air quality and promote more sustainable forms of transport.

We have also provided web links to Reigate Business Guild Members who can assist with Health & Wellbeing along with links to local sports clubs and related businesses that can help you get and stay active. Finally, we have also provided links to a number of national and local websites aimed at providing advice on supporting your business and improving your Health & Wellbeing. If we have missed out any important links please let us know when completing the form below:

Thank you for your support and for taking the time to help us improve Reigate Town Centre. We look forward to reading your ideas.
Town Improvement

Your views will be collated and presented to Reigate Business Guild Members and the Reigate & Banstead Borough Council Economic Prosperity Team with a view to ensuring funds can be allocated quickly and effectively. Where necessary our Guild Members will also be taking time out from their businesses to support these new initiatives. Keep checking our website and social media feeds for updates. Thank you once again for your help and positive recommendations.

Health & Wellbeing in Reigate – Reigate Business Guild Members

AM Aesthetics Reigate Skin Clinic –
Inside Out Health –
Reigate Psychology Service –
Samantha Hilton Stent Acupuncture –
Train Aid –

Local Sports Clubs/Businesses (* indicate that they are also Reigate Business Guild Members)
Balfe’s Bikes* –
Betchworth Park Golf Club* –
Fitness Zone* –
Maison du Velo –
Old Reigatian Rugby Football Club* –
Old Reigatian Hockey Club –
Old Reigatian Netball Club –
Reigate Dance Centre* –
Reigate Heath Golf Club* –
Reigate Priory Cricket Club* –
Reigate Scouts* –
Reigate Croquet Club –
Reigate Football Club –
Reigate Lawn Tennis Club –
Reigate Martial Arts –
Reigate Priory Bowling Club –
Reigate Priory Football Club –
Reigate Priory Hockey Club –
Reigate Priory Lacrosse Club –
Reigate Priory Lawn Tennis Club –
Reigate Rugby Club –
Ride Reigate –
Run Reigate* –
Simply Sports Reigate* –

Useful online guidance on Business Support

Useful online guidance on Health & Wellbeing

Surrey County Council have published more Active Travel information on their website. They have also included a mapping system for people to log their comments on particular towns and roads. Click here to find out more.

Scroll down and take a look at the specific comments shown on the map for Reigate. If you click on the link it takes you to another survey where you can click on Reigate Various or Reigate A25 and leave comments here.