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Unlock Reigate - Treasure Hunt

Reigate’s high-street retailers have organised an event to welcome their local shoppers back to Reigate after a long period of lockdown. The Treasure hunt will commence on 12th April when non-essential shops will be allowed to reopen their doors to the public. Over 25 shops taking part have organised a clue finding treasure hunt for individuals, couples, friends or families to take part in and each have donated prizes towards a grand prize draw with £100’s worth of prizes donated by each retailer. The draw will be released onto this webpage after the first week this year where many of these shops will have been able to open their doors.

The Treasure Hunt will take place in the town with clues being released on Monday 12th. Answer sheets need to be handed back to ‘That Qwerky Place’ at 73 High Street once you have completed the hunt.

To view some of the Prizes please look below or the list on the Poster.

Good Luck!